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No New Posts Paypal is redirecting "Donations" to (Preview) 1072
No New Posts Tweet to Barbara Comstock on fixing the economy (Preview) 81
Jan 21, 2018
by Anonymous
No New Posts Ceiling joists (Preview) 79
Poll POLL:  Hitler vs. Stalin in an election (Preview) 170
No New Posts Most & Least expensive cities on Earth. (Preview) 191
No New Posts "Dear Chase Bank. It's Over." by Sarah von Gelder (Preview) 123
Poll POLL:  Should Facebook censor "fake" news? (Preview) 154
No New Posts Media's Use of Propaganda to Persuade People's Attitude, Beliefs and Behaviors (Preview) 142
No New Posts Facebook is limiting readers and Likes (Proof of IT negligence/fraud) (Preview) 232
No New Posts In Greece, Property Is Debt (Preview) 151
No New Posts The dangerous way ads see women - Jean Kilbourne (Preview) 144
No New Posts Bible - Example of oppression of women, 1st Timothy 2:11-15 (Preview) 130
No New Posts Ex-CEO of red light camera firm sentenced to 14 months for bribery (Preview) 142
No New Posts Mosaic to start sealing New Wales sinkhole by December (Preview) 183
No New Posts Lakeland: Community leader charged in fatal hit-and-run (Preview) 136
No New Posts The future: where borrowing is the norm and ownership is luxury (Preview) 173
No New Posts Living in A World of Billion Dollar Lies (Preview) 131
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