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Letter sent via email to Marco Rubio
andrewbb (Nov 9, 2016)


I have many years of technology and management experience, most recently as a principal consultant at Morgan Stanley in NYC and previously ran the IT department for an Arizona Medicaid health plan.  To save me time from sending multiple messages (lots to talk about):


1. A plan to safely retire the national debt:  Federal Credit Receipts (FCR).  More info here:


2. to be a "government-sponsored entity".  It's a new form of social media allowing direct contact between government personnel and the general population.  Here is the prototype designed for Lakeland, Florida City government:


FYI, point-to-point communications have insufficient audience or venue.  An audience provides accountability.


3. FYI, I'm hoping for a fundamental shift in the legal establishment's willingness to go after their "own", which might lead to an exponential rise in the # of disbars.  Last year, there were ~1.4 million lawyers and only ~60 were disbarred.  That's 0.0043%.  See graph:


4. The IT industry needs regulation.  I have suggested this at a State level in Texas (Texas Technology Commission) and suggest the same be done in all other States.  One priority:  Local data in the spirit and letter of Florida's Public Records legislation.


5. This is FYI, but you might get involved, I'm organizing a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft, Google, Apple, and PayPal for allowing PayPal's "Donation" button to be redirected to other sites.  To recreate the problem and see the hack, see:  (Will not damage your computer in any way.)


Please contact me at your leisure, although all of the above are quite important.



Andrew Bransford Brown


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