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2016 Parking and Transportation Question
JoeClark (Dec 23, 2017)


My questions:




1, On either Sat or Sun I plan on hiking the Hunters Creek trail in the morning and walking around town in the afternoon. Is there parking at the TH? Or should I plan on parking at the parking garage and taking a shuttle to the TH from Ruby Park? I noticed on the transportation site that there is a Hunters Creek route. Will this get me to the TH?




2. How far is it from the garage to Ruby Park?




3. Is there a route from Ruby Park that will get me to the Gondola?




4.Is the garage open 24 hours so that I can get an early start?




5. Is there any reason why I should not even drive into Aspen but park at the Highlands and commute in or park at a park and ride lot close to Carbondale which someone mentioned on a previous post? I guess that I was thinking of early morning traffic which I have heard is bad.


Please help.



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