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Clubhouse events
andrewbb (Dec 7, 2016)


I noticed the calendar only had 2 events this month.  I'm suggesting more coffee hours in the morning.  They may or may not include breakfast, but you could create a "Carlton Coffee Hour" once or twice/week.

Carlton Coffee Time

Carlton Coffee Hour

Carlton Coffee Morning

Carlton Morning.

Something like that.

andrewbb (Dec 7, 2016)


If that were successful, you could allow a vendor to make some money by selling coffee or drinks to the clubhouse or pool.  I'm not sure if there is enough volume or not, but might be worth it to a semi-retiree on a part time basis.  Just an idea.


andrewbb (Dec 7, 2016)


Another thought might be for senior management or owners to occasionally stop by for business or suggestions to get direct feedback about the community.  Cut through the middle management layers that frequently become miscommunicated (experience).

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