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What do you do when someone parks too close to you?
JoeClark (Dec 14, 2017)


This happens to me often enough. I park in a company lot. Granted the spaces are small, but if you park right in the center of spot, there should be no problem getting into or out of your car even with a larger car/suv.


But many people do not park right, resulting in some having to park closer or even over the line. Often times, I have come out to my car where there is little room to get into my car. I have to hit their car in order to squeeze in -- and I am petite. 


It happened again today. Some suv (new one too) parked over the line. I had just enough room to squeeze in. I was going to leave a mean note -- like you bonehead you deserve to have your car dinged. But instead, I left a note asking them to please not park so close as to not allow one to get into their car.


Has this happened to you? What do you do?


Please help.



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