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Residents cannot Charge Parking near Stadium
JoeClark (Dec 16, 2017)


For years and years, the neighboring areas of Gillette Stadium would sell parking spaces on their lawns for half the price of the stadium rate of $40. Yes folks, New England fans and concert goers must pay $40 to park there, crazy, huh. And now Bob Kraft wants more money in his pocket so he fought against these people and now if they charge parking, they are fined $100

Come on, these poor people have to deal with the drunks and noise and traffic at least let them get a little money for it. So say a resident is having a party and it happens to be on the same day as a game or concert, outta luck, you can only have a few cars and they need to be tagged.


To top it off - it starts this weekend, when of course I am attending a concert. Screw you Kraft!


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