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Questions about Disney parking
JoeClark (Dec 19, 2017)




Six of us are meeting at WDW. Four of us are traveling together and renting a car and staying in a non-WDW timeshare a couple of miles from the parks. The other couple is coming a few days later and staying in a WDW hotel -- Orleans. They have park transportation to and from the airport and throughout the parks. They are not renting a car.


If we wanted to spend time together, can we visit at their hotel or do we have to take them to ours? Can we pick them up at their hotel or would we not be allowed to park on property? Also, on the days that all six of us are meeting to spend time in the parks, can we pick them up or park at their hotel or should they go on park transportation and meet us? I don't know if it would make a difference, but one of the people in our party of 4 has a handicap placard

Please help.



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