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Fire safety audit | Building and maintenance | Flat Chat Forum:
JoeClark (Dec 19, 2017)


We are a residential-only unit block.  Every year at our AGM, we must choose between 2 choices which are something like (paraphrasing) "1. There are no fire safety items identified at the building" OR "2. there are fire safety items identified at the building".  If we choose 2, we must have a fire safety audit to confirm that the items are in working order, and a certificate issued.


Historically, we have always chosen 1, because our strata manager advised that, if we invited an audit and it identified issues, we would be obligated to fix them and that they can be expensive while having minimal practical effect on fire safety.


We recently changed strata managers.  Our new strata manager said our previous manager was wrong, that we MUST legally choose 2, and undergo an audit, otherwise we break the law.


Who is right?


BTW: please note that we take fire safety seriously, and are not trying to avoid having a safe building, so please do not make comments such as "you should get it done for your own safety".  We simply want to know whether we are required to have a fire safety audit.

Please help.



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