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What is the recycling situation in your city?
JoeClark (Dec 21, 2017)


We're lucky in that we can recycle almost everything.


Every week the disposal company picks up: 


Lawn debris (this can also include any kind of food, pizza boxes and the like, paper towels, basically anything compostable including meats and cheese and things you can't compost at home)


Glass (no sheet glass or lightbulbs but just about everything else is okay).


Basic recycling (all mixed together -- paper, plastic, aerosol cans, aluminum, etc., etc., etc.)


We also have a special recycling center for things like paint, batteries, hazardous chemicals (you have to take these to the recycling center though) and a couple of times a year each neighborhood hosts events for recycling larger items (appliances, tires, blahblahblah).


Garbage, on the other hand, is only picked up twice a month. Garbage is things like paper plates (why can't we recycle those?), Styrofoam, odd packaging (especially plastic clamshell packaging), bottle caps and various lids to things, animal waste). Many people arrange to only have their garbage picked up once a month and some people have done away with garbage service altogether.


I think my city is way ahead of the curve. When my family comes to visit they marvel at how "clean" our trash is.


How clean is the trash in your city?

Please help.



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