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A dumpster full of books.....
JoeClark (Dec 26, 2017)


The elementary school down the street is very nice to the neighborhood dog owners, allowing us to run our dogs in the field after school hours, as long as we clean up after them. They provide a trash can near the field and ask us to occasionally dump the contents in the dumpster. So we do.


Today I was walking with my dog and he pooped while we were closer to the dumpster than the trash can. I cleaned up the poop and headed over to drop it in the dumpster. When I opened the lid I saw that the dumpster was full of books. Mostly picture books.


I'm a bit pissed about this.


Mo went to that school and they constantly nagged us to buy books for the classrooms and the library and to give to the low income families in the district.


I understand that classroom books might get torn up or damaged and need to be tossed, but a dumpster full of books? These books looked to be in pretty good shape but I didn't go digging through them.


I'm thinking about going back over there to take a photo to send to the principal.


Should I?

Please help.



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