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Three phone lines needed and questions about fire alarm connectivity
JoeClark (Dec 28, 2017)




We are putting an elevator in a museum with one regular phone, a fire alarm system line, and it now requires a phone line for the emergency phone in the elevator car, so we contacted AT&T about adding a third phone line and they wanted to jack up our rates and we cant afford the third line with them so we are getting Spectrum phone services installed in  a few days.  I am trying to figure out if there is even a modem with three phone jacks on it and i also wanted to see if anyone had experience with spectrum/timewarner phone services and fire-alarm lines.  I know this isnt a firealarm forum but i mainly wanted to know about a modem.  I wasnt actually the one who called spectrum for the lines so i do not know much at the point but i would like to know someone opinion on this.


Please help.



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