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police and traffic tickets.
JoeClark (Dec 28, 2017)





I have a couple questions. First has anyone here ever beat a traffic ticket in court? What is the process of pleading not guilty and fighting it in court like here? Second is Memphis a speed trap and does the police department target people for traffic violation to make revenue for a cash strapped city and department? I ask this because there are police on freeways here with radars out to ticket people and in most places in America only state troopers or highway patrol is on interstates/freeways doing that. Also every morning I see someone pulled over in the same spot on the interstate. Why is the speed limit 55mph on the freeway when in most places in America it is 65?

Ironically I do at least 65 or more on the freeway here and have never gotten a ticket. On the streets of Memphis though I have gotten four tickets in one year. All for going 3-5mph over the posted city limit. In my area they have about 3 or 4 spots they like to hide and then just pop out to ticket people.

Last question is this: Has anyone else here who is Black had problems with Black police officers. Because I've been pulled over seven times total. Three times by White cops and four times by Black cops. The White cops talk to me respectfully and give me a warning. Overall as much of a pleasant experience one can have when dealing with police. No hand on gun when they come to the car and I do not feel threaten. Each ticket I have gotten has been from Black cops. Each time they have their hands on their gun as they approach the car. Then talk down to me, disrespect me, and use bad language. This last incident involved a Black woman cop and I have only feared for my life that much with police one other time. That other time was in Oklahoma when me and my half filipino and irish roommate who the racist White cop thought was Mexican was acting like he was going to drag us in the field and kill us. That was in some small town in Oklahoma and we were there helping Katina refugees who were placed at military base there. Luckily or White red cross coordinator showed up and the cop backed off.

Anyways I say all that because as is known I am not originally from Memphis and for me growing up as a Black man my problems with police have never been with Black police mostly unless it was one trying to show out for a White one. In Memphis Blacks control the police department so there is no need to show out. I've lived other places in the South and never have been treated so poorly by Black cops. What is the deal? Why do some of the Black cops here look like goons themselves and treat there own people badly?

Please help.



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